Explosive cleaning is a highly specialized field which has become increasingly valuable and popular in recent years due to the reduced outage schedules and need for uninterrupted power. The use of strategically placed and sized explosive charges to clean industrial units is the safest, most effective and economical way to reduce lost production caused by excessive material buildup.

RMSS is able to perform explosives work both on and off-line, depending on plant conditions and access to problem areas, often without entering the vessel at all.

We have a proven track record with this extremely sophisticated service, offering a wide variety of explosive services including the following:

Power PlantsOn-line_bridge_at_Hunter_Unit_3.jpg

  • Boiler deslag- on and off line
  • SDA chamber cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • Hoppers and Bins, Precips
  • Slag tanks and troughs

Steel Plants

  • Iron salamander removal
  • Bleeders or Bleeder valve cleaning
  • Up takes - Buildup removal
  • Dust catchers - Unplugging
  • Hoppers and Bins - Buildup removal